Monday, November 2, 2009

Just Between You and Me

Lord, you know the deepest desires of my heart
You know my secret pain
You know the wounds that have torn me apart
Hidden from every man
You know each failure, each joy and each woe
Each loss and each victory
Yet Lord, you love me wherever I go
And just between You and me…….

I know and I’m glad that You understand
Me down to my inner-most part
For deep in the hidden depths You planned
Me close to Your tender heart
All of my days were written before
One of them came to be
How precious to me are Your thoughts, oh Lord
And just between You and me….

I’m glad that You are an all-knowing God
Your ways are past finding out
For as You behold my inner-most thought
Discouragement and doubt
You alone can give me power
You are my victory
As I give You my darkest hour
Just between You and me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Read Psalms 139

Yes, He really does love us
like this picture portrays.....
When I saw this picture it
Sparked a train of thought....
of wonder and love for a
dear, kind, merciful
Heavenly Father

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