Friday, November 6, 2009

Soft Words

Like the brush of gentle fingers
On my heart your soft word lingers
Like a hopeful breath of spring
You turn this beggar to a king
Melting ‘round a heart once broken
Precious sound, oh priceless token

Soft kiss on my tears of sorrow
I no longer fear the morrow
Whispering hope into my pain
Like the sunshine after rain
I can feel it, I can hear it
As you heal a broken spirit

Soft words draw the music in
Like the sweetest violin
I tilt my head to catch its strain
Drifting ‘cross my inner plain
Lifting me above life’s boulders
Arm of love around my shoulder

What a gift of love to find
Soft words drift across my mind
When I’m alone, about to fall
Its tender tones I then recall
For naught can leave a sad heart stirred
Like a soft and gentle word

Lord, Your words are always tender
To Your whisper I surrender
Soft and gentle, reassuring
Softest voice of hope enduring
You bring healing to each hurt
With Your soft and gentle word.

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

A soft answer turns away wrath. Prov.15:1

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