Thursday, November 12, 2009

God, You're Amazing

It’s such a fine evening, think I’ll tarry awhile
In the calm soft alluring of Heavens smile
The stars seem suspended on invisible thread
Dazzling diamonds on a blue velvet bed
Sweet distraction from life’s constant flurry
Here on the doorstep I’ll leave all my worry
As I think of the One who holds stars in their place
I’m ashamed to admit that I’ve doubted His grace

God, You’re amazing, Your wonders so grand
Why do I doubt the work of Your Hand?
In my little window, still I can see
God, you’re amazing, you love even me

The sun, moon and stars obey Your command
You cradle the universe in Your hand
And here I sit, a creation of dust
Doubting somehow that You’re way is just
Ashamed I confess, Lord, forgive my sin
Then in Your perfect love You forgive me again
Though my sins are as countless as the stars in the sky
Your mercy is boundless, its well never dry

God, You’re amazing, your love is so fair
There’s nothing at all to which it can compare
I sit on the doorstep of my sin and pride
Oh Holy Father, it was for this You died

It’s such a fine evening, think I’ll tarry awhile
To drink in the wonder that I am Your child
I am the child of a heavenly Father
Though stubborn and sinful, my Lord still You gather
Me into Your arms, whisper Your love to me
More vast than the star-studded midnight sea
You brush my cheek with the winds tender kiss
And I realize only You could love me like this

God, You’re amazing, oh what a Friend
In spite of my failures, Your love does not end
When I cannot see, Lord help me to trust
God, You’re amazing, Your way is just

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Janet Martin

It truly is a SPECTACULAR evening....
the crowning touch to a gorgeous 'Indian summer' day!!!!
The stars look as if God simply lowered them a little tonight,
the moon is a perfect crescent, and the evening air has just
enough 'nip' in it to make it truly intoxicating!!!
God, You're amazing! Sometimes I feel like David
as he exclaimed, "When I consider the Heavens..
the work of Your fingers, the moon and stars
which You have set in place,
What is man that You are mindful of Him? Ps.8:3-4
I know I've used this verse often but it is a favorite!!!

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