Friday, November 6, 2009


I can flee it
I can fight
With all my might
Lift a proud
And stubborn chin
Argue loudly
Sulk within
I can throw
A royal fit
But I don’t know
The half of it
He, who holds
Within His hand
All that enfolds
His perfect plan
What a kind
And patient Father
I’m so blind
A foolish daughter
As I protest
His will for me
He knows what’s best
Lord, help me see
Through life’s dark veil
Your love so tender
It will not fail
Lord, I surrender

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Fighting His will is
a little bit like
fighting the weather!

Matthew and Victoria think this is great!!!!
So yesterday morning the snow was all gone by
8:00 a.m.The weather alternated between rain
and sun all day, then just before supper it
began to snow like crazy!!!! it went from no snow
to white in an hour....and today????
it's still here........:( or in my children's case:)

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