Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Life's Buffet

This life is like a huge buffet,
Its offerings tempt the soul,
Colored fruit on bright display
To make us lose control,
As wistfully we view its fare,
This tempting, tantalizing ware,
Our firm resolve is growing thin
As we sit and take it in

Just one small taste, what would it hurt?
One harmless little try,
Ignore that victim in the dirt
As tumults pass him by,
He wants to beg them all to wait,
This thing they love, they’re going to hate,
When wanton pleasure turns to lust
And vain desire turns to must

Choose wisely at this life’s buffet,
And carefully weigh each choice,
From Satan’s urging turn away
And heed that still, small voice,
Flee darkness with its shameful deeds,
Choose light where sprouts salvation’s seeds,
So many choices on display!
Choose wisely at this life’s buffet

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Yesterday we had our annual
for my mom's birthday!
We all bring something to eat
(each sister and sister-in-law)
and since there's ten of us
we are treated to a feast!!!!
h-m-m-m, so many choices,
so little room:):)
We had a great time!

A feast is made for laughter....Eccl.10:19

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