Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Her Reply (to soldiers love-letter)

Yes, my darling, I remember
As the purple paints the sky
As the breeze blows soft and tender
In a sultry lullaby
Yes, a misty dew of sorrow
Hovers in my memory there
But I dream of a tomorrow
When I’ll hold my answered prayer

Tonight the garden seems so lonely
Like a dreamers sepulcher
And I keep thinking oh, if only
Things could be the way they were
But the road of life we’re traveling
Has no path to take us back
So I cherish you in memory
And the good times we once had

Yes my darling, I remember
And you’re just a prayer away
I would trade this gray November
For a sunny, summer day
But it comforts me, my darling
As the stars shine on above
That the same stars ‘cross the ocean
Shine upon the one I love

May God keep you on His shoulder
May He dry your every tear
Be your fortress and your cover
When the enemy is near
Oh my darling I remember
As the breeze sighs overhead
For you’ve taken half my heart, dear
Tell me, how could I forget?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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