Monday, November 16, 2009


Love does not always obey our command
Or follow the pleasant roads we have planned
It’s a bitter-sweet blend of joy and pain
But we desire to taste it again and again

Some days my heart won’t agree with my head
Is love the thorn or the rose so red?
Ah, love is this life’s greatest gift, I know
But then, why does it torment me so?

Love does not come as naturally
As hatred, spite or jealousy
Proving that our universal need
Is to be loved; God’s perfect rose indeed

Love cannot linger in secluded gardens
Nor does it point fingers, but tenderly pardons
Our foolish faux pas, each hurtful mistake
True love is stronger than the deepest heartache

Love, true love is the thorn and the flower
Yes, love brings pain but in life’s darkest hour
It is love, pure love that lifts us up
To taste the fruit of Heaven’s cup

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

The soldiers twisted together a crown
of thorns and put it on His head. John 19:2

'Love reaches through the thorns
to pluck the rose'

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