Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Let Us Never Forget

Row upon row of little, white crosses
With heat and snow each season passes
Silent reminders like white infantry
Who lies beneath, only God can see
Symbols of freedom, oh, bow your head
Remember their sacrifice, let us never forget

Their battle is past, the chilling horror
But I gaze on these crosses with heart of sorrow
As I ponder the cost, the sacrifice
So many lives lost, oh what a price
For this thing we call freedom, I bow my head
Remembering its sorrow, let us never forget

The only new thing in life, they say
Is the history forgotten in a dim yesterday
So remember now the blood-stained field
Unspeakable horror, remember and kneel
Thank God for freedom, bought with blood shed
Lest we should repeat it, LET US NEVER FORGET

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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