Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Fear of God

Have we lost the fear of God?
His righteous, just belonging
As on our selfish way we trod
To satisfy our longing
Have we lost that godly fear
To love in meek surrender
To obey commandments clear
With heart and mind so tender

Not the fear that this world claims
Of weeping, trembling, shaking
To hide away in sinful shame
In chains beyond our breaking
But peaceful, prayerful reverence
Respecting Holy Order
He, our Great Deliverance
The Door to Heaven’s border

He’s not cool and He don’t rock
And He’s not ‘down with that’
HE holds the keys that will unlock
The gates to flames of wrath
Oh, do we bow in humble fear
And recognize His power?
To know we’d have no hope down here
If not for His dark hour

The hour when upon the cross
He hung with love outpouring
He gave His perfect life for us
How can we cease adoring…?
Adoring Him, who set us free
And broke chains of damnation
Oh, FEAR THE GOD who holds the key
To Heaven’s destination

In humble, thankful servant-hood
Our love and reverence show Him,
For He is God and He is good
And yet He lets us know Him
So praise His name and sing His song
In thankful adoration
Fear Him to whom we may belong
With holy exaltation

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

He will bless those who fear
the Lord. Ps.115:13

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