Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Mother's Prayer

Dear Lord, if I must guide these hands
I pray Thee, guide my own,
Help me fulfill their dear demands
Within Your strength alone,
Help me to teach these precious ones
The need to do what’s right,
To show them joy and happiness
By walking in Your light

Dear Lord, if I must teach these hands
I pray Thee first teach mine,
Help me to place my hand in Yours
And trust Your will divine,
Then, as I release these hands
That trust me heart and soul,
I can rest, assured because
Your hand is in control

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Oh, how often I pray for my
children as they wait for the bus!
What peace to know they are in the
best Hands ever!!!! 'cause
its a cruel world out there!

Every morning before they leave
we pray together. My daughter
was stressed recently because
of an up-coming test that she
felt unprepared for, so I
prayed that God would give her a
clear mind to do her best, but then
I also prayed that we do not ask
for this if we know we did not
put in the effort needed etc.....
When I said 'amen' my daughter
looked at me with raised eye-brow
and remarked,"H-m-m-m, a lecture
in a prayer! Interesting!!"
I simply smiled:):)
I guess we do what we have to do,
right then I knew I had her attention:):)

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