Sunday, November 1, 2009

On Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully, aging gracefully
This path I trod by the grace of God
So I’m aging gracefully

I rise each morning, a gift of God’s grace
To gaze into each loving face
Of those whom God has placed in my life
Precious children, a husband or wife
And I care not so much for that face in the mirror
For as time passes by one thing is clearer
It’s not in the face staring back at me
That measures if I’m aging gracefully

By God’s grace I bask in warm sunshine
I see creation’s Hand divine
Reviving a dead and barren land
With a miraculous touch of His hand
He allows me to feel the raindrops fall
Or hear the feathered song-birds call
In reverie a by-gone path I retrace
Lord, I stand in awe of Your grace

By Your grace and strength I gladly labor
You’ve shown me such kindness and loving favor
By presenting me with the gift of another day
Showered with wonder and I’m compelled to say
Tis but by Your grace that it is so
For what is tomorrow; only You can know
So by Your grace today I will try with pleasure
To use most wisely this glorious treasure

Some days hold burdens so heavy to bear
But your grace surrounds me with tender care
You whisper a promise to help me along
When my lips would otherwise cease their song
You open my eyes to help me see
The gifts Your grace bestows to me
So as years pass by and my limbs start to falter
Thankfully still I will kneel at Your altar

For tis only Your grace that gives each day a goal
For only Your grace could save my soul
And this is the joy that lives in me
Above any other blessing I see
So, as the years pass, leaving proof on my face
Help me to focus on Your love and grace
For this is my life-time guarantee
That each day I’m aging gracefully

All Rights Reserved
-Janet Martin-

My Mom has the perfect name for her....
Grace.Happy Birthday, Mom!!!

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