Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blessing or Curse

There are blessings that I would not ever have missed
If I had not held them and found they exist
If, for a brief moment I had not clasped it near
I could not sorrow its loss now in tears
I wonder sometimes which one is worse
Tis a fine line between blessing and curse
I cannot miss what I never have known
But oh, the bliss of that hour in the sun

Which is best? I ask you to choose
To never have or to have once, just to lose
To have a niche carved somewhere deep in your heart
Where you protect the aching part
Or to never have known that sweeter bliss
Then its emptiness now would not be there to miss
Yet if you could you would never return
The tender moment for which you now yearn

Blessing or curse, tis a fine line I say
-to never know or to know for a day
To be kissed once or to never be kissed
To know a joy you would never have missed
If but for a day you would never have touched
What slipped away and you now miss so much
To wonder why you knew for just a day
That finer joy before it slipped away

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

We can yearn for but
We cannot miss what we have
Never known………

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