Saturday, November 7, 2009

Autumn Good-bye (or,Life from my Leaf Pillow)

Good-bye autumn, you’re a treasure
Wrapped in nature’s finest shades
Good-bye autumn, sun-kissed pleasure
Wanderlust that’s heaven-made
Dusty, warm, mellow seduction
Capturing the staunchest heart
What a splendid introduction
To the Master of His art

Good-bye autumn, rosy apples
Orchard, vineyard, sweetest yield
Good-bye gardens, sun-beam dappled
Good-bye harvest from each field
Good-bye oranges, reds and amber
Glowing hills of golden-rod
Still I linger in your chamber
Midst this handiwork from God

Good-bye from my leafy pillow
Musty, sweet, the scents of earth
Neath the arms of birch and willow
I thank God for autumn’s birth
Good-bye hues of flaming hill-side
Lingering on the slumbering sod
As your glory fills the night skies
Seems I see the smile of God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

A leaf pile......compels kids
of all ages to JUMP IN!!!
We had a great day,
snow is gone and we could
finish things like leaf-raking,
'fertilizing' the garden:):)
and simply relaxing on our giant leaf pile.
Then God drew the evening curtain
with a glorious sun-set!!! One we all appreciate
since at our house, this is the only time of year
it sets early enough so that we are able to see it.
I simply needed to capture this day in verse...
...and pictures.There is something 'achingly' beautiful
in earth's surrender!Enjoy this 'stroll'
in a Canadian autumn the Martins!... the leaves:0

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