Thursday, November 19, 2009


Tomorrow today will be the past
So live each moment as if it were your last
Hug, love, laugh like never before
Tomorrow today will be no more

Tomorrow's worries can wait til tomorrow
No need for added burdens to borrow
But hold to your loved ones, oh hold them fast
And love them today as if it were your last

Don’t wait til God gives you a perfect day
To dance in freedom on tomorrow’s hay
Grass withers, flowers fade, and their bloom soon is past
So dance, dance today as if it were your last

Bury your face in life’s rose bouquet
Tomorrow its petals will have drifted away
To rest with today in an endless past
So live, live today as if it were your last

Measure by measure, flower by flower
God bestows treasure, hour by hour
A moment in time, a soft breath then it's past
So cherish today as if it were your last

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

All men are like grass and
their glory is like
the flowers of the field....Isa.40:6

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