Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Autumn Leaves

Oh, you’re so bold in red and gold
Your scarlet gown is stunning
You tempt the eye of passers-by
With colors so becoming
But as I view your glorious hue
In silence I am grieving
And every year I shed a tear
For I know autumn’s leaving

Down to the ground without a sound
Your splendid dress is dropping
As you begin dismantling
I plead, but there’s no stopping
Til arms of grey in stark array
Our eye no more deceives
Silent and still upon a hill
I watch as autumn leaves

No closing door, no kiss before
Your fast and sure departure
No farewell grand, no waving hand
I wait beneath the arbor
You try to charm with naked arms
The heart that softly grieves
I see the truth, like glorious youth
So too, autumn leaves

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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