Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Wooden Hearts

It really would not matter,
All the unkind words we say
Would run off our hearts like water
All its traces washed away,
And it really wouldn’t matter
If we spoke words we never should,
No it really would not matter
If our hearts were made of wood

But hearts are made of flesh and blood
And easily are broken,
And nothing ever works for good
Where unkind words are spoken,
Our hurts would never linger,
Words could never sting or smart,
And our speech could flow unhindered
If we all had wooden hearts

It really wouldn’t matter,
What we say, the words we choose
So what of thoughtless chatter
If our hearts were wooden shoes,
Then we could be cold and careless,
Say those words we never should,
And we truly could be heartless
If our hearts were made of wood

So why then do we treat each other
Like we never, ever should?
Treat our sister and our brother
As if they all had hearts of wood,
Cruel, unkind words bring sorrow,
Wound and scar and break apart,
Speak well, my friend, today, tomorrow,
For we don’t have wooden hearts

But with our hearts of flesh and blood
We love and laugh and cry,
Because our hearts aren’t made of wood
We hope and dream and sigh,
Lord, tame my tongue and let me never
Speak unless it’s kind and good,
Keep my words and tone so tender
For our hearts aren’t made of wood

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009

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