Friday, August 28, 2009

Daughters, Love Your Daddies

Daughters, honor your daddies
For no one in all the world
Would give the best of the life he has
For his precious little girl
Up in the morning early
Working hard through another day
But the laughter of his girly
Drives his troubles far away

Daughters, do you know it?
You’re the sparkle in his eye
And when he does not show it
It’s still there behind his sigh
For a daddy’s load is heavy
And he needs your loving prayer
You’re the sunshine on his shoulder
When his load is hard to bear

Love your dearest daddy
And heed his kind advice
You may not understand it
But just love him and be nice
Respect his admonition
For no one in all the world
Loves you like a daddy
Loves his precious little girl

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Dedicated to Tom and Laura

Happy Birthday, Dad!!!!

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