Saturday, August 8, 2009

Man's Wonder's, God's Wonder

Man has done wonders by the might of his hand
We can build bridges and palaces grand,
The lofty sky-scraper and the great Taj Mahal,
We come to gaze at the wonder of it all

But man can’t speak planets or stars into being
He cannot bring life to a meadow of green,
He can’t form the blossoms or grapes on a vine
Or imitate nature’s most perfect design

Man can create, but with wood, sod and stone,
God will create by His word alone,
Man can impress and draw loud exclamation,
God will draw worship as we view His creation

Mans hand by God’s hand is lovingly taught,
And only what God allows, ever is wrought,
But the greatest work my God ever has done
Is visible to His loving gaze alone

Yes, He formed the magnolia and the red-wood tree,
The tiniest ant and the emerald sea,
But His greatest miracle is invisible art,
He made a treasure out of my sinful heart

All Rights Reserved Aug. 8, 2009

And God saw all that He had made , and it was very good. Gen.1:31

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