Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Unlived Dreams

Oh, I got ‘em, yes, I’ve got ‘em
More and more each year it seems
I could build translucent empires
With my world of unlived dreams
Lord, within Your hand I place them
I can’t hold them on my own
If I’m guided by Your grace, then
I will never walk alone

So I’ll give them all to you, Lord
Disappointments, unlived dreams
Giver of each man’s reward
I will bow ‘neath mercy’s beams
Then, as You direct my path
I will seek to trust Your will
If You allow it then perhaps
An unlived dream I may fulfill

Let me seek Your wise discretion
As opportunities unfold
So I may crave Your perfect wisdom
Not the lure of foolish gold
I’ve got ‘em yes I’ve got ‘em
More and more each year it seems
In Your hand, Lord let me place them
Empire of my unlived dreams

This world with empty acclamation
Promises it can fulfill
Lord and Master of creation
Help me trust Your perfect will
For nowhere safer can I place them
Than within Your loving hand
Living daily by Your grace, then
I’ll fulfill what You have planned

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Much dreaming and many words are meaningless.
Therefore stand in awe of God. Eccles.5:7

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