Monday, August 17, 2009

The Door

Just beyond my fingertips
Lies my yesterday
As its song fades from my lips
It softly slips away
Into the silent shadows
Joining all its peers
Slumbering there forever
With all the yester-years
And strain though I may
With all of my might
My sweet yesterday
Is gone from my sight

So why gaze in sorrow
At by-gone terrain
Or weep for tomorrow?
An untrodden plain
Why do I yearn
For memory’s shadow?
Or long to return
To some faded meadow
Forgetting to cherish
This gift in my hand
One brief, golden moment
So glorious and grand

One golden moment
Then it too slips away
To meadows now dormant
Where memories play
One golden moment
Oh, let me not waste it
But touch it and feel it
See it and taste it
One golden moment
Sweet gift from above
A door to fulfillment,
A door to love

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009

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