Sunday, August 23, 2009

If You Thought I Loved You Then...

If you thought I loved you as a baby
With your little wee-drop nose
And if I thought you were precious then,
Down to your teeny toes
If you thought, as I'd whisper
Softest kisses on your brow
If you thought I loved you way back then
I love you more right now

If you thought as I watched you grow
With your darling, tiny chin
And all your little chitter-chatter
And your perfect little grin
If you thought my love was brimming
And I was grateful to the core
I want to tell you, precious daughter
Now I love you so much more

For love is such a splendid blessing
Worthless 'til it's given away
And when we love with all our hearts
Well, hearts must grow with every day
'Cause love just keeps on growing deeper
Than it ever has before
And with every day that passes
Well, I love you even more

All Rights Reserved
Happy 15th Birthday, Melissa
August 22, 2009

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