Thursday, August 20, 2009

Restless Reverie

Oh, to be a barefoot girl again
To roam so free in the world again
With never a thought of care or pain
As merry days skip by
To laugh and dance with the wind again
To gaily prance through green fields again
Where clover nods with the daisy in
The sun from yonder sky

I’d love to wade in the creek again
Into birds nests to peek again
A world where time stands still again
And child-hood bliss is mine
To splash down dusty lanes again
Or wash in summer rains again
To race and watch the trains again
Go thundering down the line

But duty beckons me again
To break this reverie again
And now instead of me again
To these dear girls of mine
I wish the same sweet thrills again
The freedom laughter spills again
That seems to taunt me now and then
And motherhood leaves behind

But I will trust God's grace again
Sweet motherhood embrace and then
Some day I can retrace again
This pathway in my mind
With joy run through its fields again
Taste the fruit love yields and then
I’ll thank God for His gifts again
This timeless wealth of mine

All Rights Reserved
Aug. 2009 Janet Martin
To everything there is a season…..Eccl. 3:1

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