Saturday, August 22, 2009

What Then???

I think perhaps I’ll go fishing today
Or maybe I’ll watch the Yankees play
I could stay home and read a book
Or go on-line and take a look
Household duties kindly beckon
I should do those first, I reckon
I’ll call a friend, go out for tea
Or surf the wave of some great sea
I’ll teach my child to count to ten…
Aint life a ride?!!!...but what then?

I can climb mountains and stand on their peaks
I can become famous by mere words that I speak
I can ride tall waves, have a real grand time
Be noted as brave for the walls that I climb
I can be beautiful, young or old
And focus on gleaning life’s pastures of gold
I can hoard all my pennies, a miserly fool
I can gain great knowledge by staying in school
I can be remembered for a while amongst men
For some minor accomplishment, but what then?

When the curtain falls on my life’s final scene
When my Maker calls and I hear my name
When I stand at last as all men will do
When my life is past at my final review
When I bow before the Perfect Lamb
And see the Lord, the GREAT I AM
What will He see as He takes a look?
At the story I’ve written in my life’s book
As I look in His eyes and He holds out His hand
Will I fall or rise….oh, what then????

All Rights reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

...and I saw the dead, great and small, standing before the throne
and books were opened. another book was opened which is the book of life. Rev.20:12

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