Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Distance too Far

My thoughts, my countless thoughts of you
Drift away in the skies endless blue
My desire to see you leaves my heart bleeding
An aching void filled with inner pleading
But I realize as I’m thinking it over
There is no distance a prayer cannot cover
So thankfully joyfully I’m able to laugh
As I whisper a prayer on your behalf

I wish, how I wish I could look into your eyes
My ears still ringing with reluctant good-byes
I cling to my heart your farewell whisper
And yearn for the day when we’ll be together
Precious friends, some known only by name
Wishing oh wishing we could meet someday
But I’m at peace as I think it over
For there is no mile a prayer cannot cover

God You’re so awesome, a Father of love
You behold each loved one from windows above
You draw us together though we’re miles apart
For nothing can sever the chord to each heart
If we are connected by You through prayer
Then absence is a cross that we can bear
And it comforts me so as I think it over
There is no mile that a prayer cannot cover

Aug.11 2009
All Rights Reserved

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