Monday, August 24, 2009

My Magic Moment

I wish I had a golden wand and with a little flick,
I could stop the sands of time from flowing quite so quick,
And with a little magic turn I could return perhaps
To a day for which I yearn now buried in my past

And I could sit for just an hour at child-hoods breakfast table,
To re-live happy memories of family, food and stable,
The chatter of a care-free clan as hungry mouths are fed,
Oh, I did not see back then, how much we really had

I’d like to swing one pleasant hour beneath that willow tree,
To romp in pastures of my youth with heart and spirit free,
To cherish every minute as it slips into the deep
And make each memory in it a treasure I can keep

I’d take the words that I regret and by God’s love and grace
A kinder word I now would let slip out to take its place,
And I’d pray for a tender heart and for a listening ear,
Within my magic moment with my whole family near

But I don’t have a golden wand and I can’t fly away,
But I’ve a golden moment now and it is called ‘today’
So I’ll ask God to help me see the treasure He’s placed in it,
And turn to golden memory each magic little minute

All Rights Reserved Aug.2009
Janet Martin then banish anxiety from your heart...Eccl.11:10

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