Friday, August 7, 2009

Lift your Eyes

Are you drifting on life’s ocean?
Are you sinking ‘neath its wave?
Weary of its endless motion,
Do you fear its stormy grave?
Lift your eyes to lights a-gleaming,
‘Cross the waves from heaven’s shore,
Glow of endless love redeeming,
Guides the vessel to His door

Is life’s sea a vale of sorrow?
Does your ship toss to and fro?
There is hope for your tomorrow
If you point t’wards heaven’s glow,
Lift your eyes to lights a-glowing,
Steadfast hope within life’s storm,
When life’s testing winds are blowing
Still He holds you in His arms

No night is darker than His splendor,
No storm is greater than His love,
If to this captain we surrender,
He’ll guide us to His port above,
So lift your eyes beyond the gloaming,
Past the waves of dark despair
To the beams of mercy glowing
From the lighthouse over there

All Rights Reserved Aug.7 2009

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