Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Slender Thread

Oh, ‘tis a slender, fragile thread
Between the living and the dead
Between the now, this fleeting breath
And the eyes that close in death
This thread is held by God’s great Hand
And He alone can see the end

He alone designs the hour
When this thread will lose its power
Mercy’s chord He’s holding fast
Between the future and the past
When will our last moment be?
Before we meet eternity

How deep the gulf twixt now and then
How vast the span twixt God and men
Unless we see our utter loss
And fix our eyes upon the cross
Suspended now indefinitely
Above endless eternity

Oh trust the Hand who holds the thread
Who rules the living and the dead
If today the chord should break
Would you rejoice for Jesus’ sake?
He alone can set you free
And give you LIFE eternally

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

I AM the Alpha and the Omega,
The First and the Last,
The Beginning and the End. Rev.22:13

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