Saturday, August 22, 2009

Someone Prayed for Me

God bless the one who prayed for me
Without, I think that I would fail
Down upon a faithful knee
Someone prayed and You prevailed
Prayer, like stairways to Your arms
When my cares would bring me low
When this old world with paltry charms
Vainly seeks to tempt me so

God, bless the one who is praying
For soldiers armed to fight
And for the lost souls straying
In the cold, dark night
Oh, I could never do it
On my wee strength alone
But prayer will walk me through it
When I think that I’m alone

God, bless the one who is praying for me
And I’ll pray for him in return
Oh, what a comfort when I cannot see
I still feel Your Presence burn
Do not call me selfish, proud or vain
In this, my one desire
That one would pray for me again
To fight temptations fire

Then, hand in hand and prayer by prayer
Your army will unite
And as we climb this golden stair
Someday we’ll win the fight
Then I will lift Your banner, Lord
To sing with all the free
I’ll celebrate the great reward
With those who prayed for me

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Pray continually. 2 Thess.5:17
Thank-you to those who pray for me…
You and God know who you are

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