Thursday, August 6, 2009

Someone Drinks and Drives

Charlie made a poster at school today,
Underneath he wrote ‘me an’ Dad’,
Little Charlie can hardly wait
To show him the picture he made,
He’ll hide it under his dinner plate
Until his daddy arrives,
But Charlie is not coming home tonight,
Because tonight someone drinks, then drives

Charlie has a brother and four best friends,
They trade baseball cards at school,
They brag about who swings the meanest bat,
Oh, they think they’re all pretty cool,
They dream of what they are going to be
When they’re old, like twenty-five,
But Charlie’s dream will end tonight
Because someone will drink, then drive

Charlie won’t be kissing his mom good-night
Or giving his daddy high-fives,
He won’t be racing his brother’s bike
Or grinning at jokes he derives,
His grand-daddy weeps ‘He was a fine boy’,
His grandma can only cry,
No, Charlie is not coming home tonight
‘Cause tonight someone drinks, then drives

Charlie’s class made a card today
To hang by a small brown plaque,
It says, ‘We wish you weren’t taken away,
We sure wish we could have you back,
You’re baseball team misses you’re mean bat,
In our hearts you’re still alive,
But we still don’t understand
Why someone would drink then drive’,

Tonight you’re gonna be a big, big man,
Tonight you’ll be macho and cool,
You’ll buy a round for your four best friends,
Hey, who says a drunk is a fool?!
Just a couple of drinks for a hard days work,
It’s sure great to be alive!
Tonight little Charlie’s big dreams will end
‘Cause tonight you’ll drink then drive

All rights Reserved Aug. 2009

Just a head-line in the news....
young boy on bicycle killed by drunk driver....

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