Thursday, August 27, 2009

August Hush

I feel her subtle presence
Stealing ‘cross the land
An intangible essence
Prelude to the Grand
It’s a dusty illusion
Asleep in the brush
But I sense her intrusion
In this August hush……

In the shimmering heat wave
A hazy afternoon
In the honey-suckle grave
Beneath a lazy moon
We know, though we can’t conceive it
The end of summer’s rush
But we will not believe it
In this August hush…….

The cricket and the locust
In a tireless symphony
Hail to the passing tourist
Nature’s melody
I pause for just a minute
In this interlude
Then I revel and glory in it
A summer subdued……

…..for try though I might
I cannot quell autumn’s brush
In this blest respite….
…in this August hush

All Rights Reserved Aug.27, 2009
Janet Martin

Tears in my eyes
Are sure to swell
As I whisper good-bye
To thee, summer, farewell

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