Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm a Princess

Oh I gotta hurry; no I can’t be late,
He’s gonna be here at seven, I can hardly wait,
My heart’s goin’ crazy, better re-fix my hair,
Hope he likes my new out-fit, does he even care? (What I wear)
Oh, I feel like a princess, I can do anything,
Yes, I feel like a princess, like the child of a king

Here comes the bride, as grand as a queen,
I feel so beautiful; the grass is so green,
I’m just so happy; I think I could fly,
I’m so, so happy, I could touch the sky!
Oh I feel like a princess, I can do anything,
I feel like a princess, like the child of a king….

….well, my dish-washing hands don’t look too grand,
That bathroom reeks; guess I’ll clean it again,
The lawn needs a-mowin’; the garden needs a-hoein’,
The bread needs a-bakin’; the yard needs a-rakin’,
The lawnmowers broke; but ‘Sonnie’s’ got a new joke,
The floor needs a-sweepin’; the roof started leakin’,
The bills need a-payin; and the children need prayin’,
An’ huggin’ an’ an’ kissin’ an’ punishin’ an’ playin’,
Oh, the van’s on empty, and so is the fridge,
Mommy, can we play ‘London Bridge’?
Can you read me a story; can you sing me a song?
Or can we play princess? It won’t take too long,
The house needs tidying; the windows are a fright,
And I’m s-o-o tired ‘cause teen-ager had a crisis last night,
Oh, here comes the bus! Good-bye, I love you,
If only you knew how much I do love you,
Lord, keep Your hand over them an’ don’t let me worry
Wherever they go, You go too, so to God be the glory!
Hubby needs new socks and hubby needs lunch,
And yes, my darling, I love you too, a bunch,
Oh, and did you fix that window and the vacuum cleaner?
Could you drop off the garbage? What would you like for dinner?
Do you still think I’m pretty? Oh, I know, I’m a mess,
Today’s just been a little crazy, I guess,
But God says I’m a princess and I can do anything,
Because I really am a princess; A child of the King,
And when my hair is the color of new-fallen snow,
When my body is weary and my steps are slow,
Still I will whisper, I can do anything,
‘Cause Lord, I’m Your princess; A child of the King

All Rights Reserved Aug. 2009
Janet Martin

Charm is deceptive and beauty is fleeting,
But a woman who fears the Lord is
To be praised. Prov.31:30

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