Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Your Temple

Lord, how is the temple when You look at me?
Is it as clean as it ought to be?
Or do you see clutter strewn about?
A pile of garbage that should be thrown out
Dear Lord, as you look in upon me
What kind of temple do you see?

Is it a place in which You gladly dwell?
With every space tended very well
Are You welcome in every last nook
Where nothing is hidden, in case You should look
If I am Your temple, is it fit for a King?
A humble example of a pure offering

Lord, it’s such an honor that You should dwell
In every corner of this lowly shell
Teach me how to keep this temple well-swept
A tender example of a house well-kept
If I am Your temple upon this earth
Than I am filled with priceless worth

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Do you not know that your body is a temple of
the Holy Spirit, who is in you
whom you have received from God? 1Cor.6:19

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