Sunday, June 13, 2010

Faithful Shepherd

In the ever-changing landscape
Of my seasons ‘neath the sun
In the battle of the journey
And the miles that I have run
I’ve made many foolish choices
And too often I decline
The offer of a perfect Hand
To hold this Hand of mine

As I look back on my foot-prints
Through the highs and lows of time
And I see their weaving patterns
On the hills that I have climbed
I am humbled by Your patience
For You never leave my side
Faithful Shepherd watching o’er me
When I’m blinded by my pride

The sheep will know the Shepherd
And the comfort of his tone
For His beloved flock is never
On a mountain all alone
In the ever-changing landscape
One sweet comfort doth abide
The presence of a Shepherd
Who will never leave our side

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I am the Good Shepherd, and
know my sheep and am
known of mine. John 10:11

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