Monday, June 21, 2010

It's So Much Better.....

It’s a world full of heart-ache and sorrow
Disappointments yes, I’ve known a few
But still I have hope for tomorrow
It’s so much brighter with You

There’s work never-ending, that’s certain
And I get discouraged, it’s true
But I know as night draws its curtain
It’s so much better with You

You know when we’re tired and weary
There’s nothing that’s hid from Your view
You know the weight that we carry
And it’s so much lighter with You

One day at a time You’re bestowing
Enough strength and grace to get through
I can’t imagine not knowing
It’s so much better with You

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sometimes when I jot down everything
I would like to get done in the week I'm in,
it can be over-whelming......
then I remember ....God gives us just enough strength
to live one day at a time!!!!!

I never want to forget that!!

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