Friday, June 18, 2010

Unsung Hero

Before the sun has splashed its yellow wash across the land
He dons his hat and work-boots, and with hot coffee in his hand
He’s off to earn the living for the ones who count on him
And we won’t see his glad return until the day is dim…
Do we thank him?

He’s weary as he as he thinks about the busy day it’s been
Working for a dollar that is gone before it’s seen
Home to do the chores at hand that never seem to end
No time to do the things he’s planned with a free hour to spend
Do we thank him?

We take him so for granted; what he does for us each day
Even when he’s tired, he still takes the time to play
And even when he’s worried still for us he’ll wear a smile
And get up every morning to walk duty’s endless mile…
Do we thank him?

I think that he may be the greatest hero of our land
Do we ask God to bless him for the labor of his hand?
Do we tell him that we love him and we’re glad for all he’s done?
Does he know when he comes home at night that he is number one?
Do we thank him?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Thank-you!!!!! to all you dads
and God bless you!

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