Friday, June 11, 2010


Bitter- the tears of anguish she wept
Darker- the secret pain she kept
Deep- the sorrows of her past
Hopeless- its lengthened shadow cast
Dull- is the gleam in her down-cast eyes
Gone- is the dream of youthful sighs
Empty- the coffer of second chance
Silent- the feet that used to dance….before Jesus

Sweet- was the Voice that softly spoke
Brilliant- the glory that through darkness broke
Vast- was the mercy that reached her soul
Hope- to make a broken life whole
Bright- is the gleam in her up-lifted face
Restoring- a dream with forgiveness and grace
Full- is her cup of joy, over-flowing
Complete in the love that He is bestowing…..with Jesus

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

And He said unto her,
"Thy sins are forgiven". Luke 7:48

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