Sunday, June 6, 2010

Field of Daisies

Take your tropical vacations
Travel all around the world
See the wonders of the nations
And their finest sights unfurled
I am satisfied with summer
In its pure and simple bliss
Drop me in a field of daisies
‘Neath the sunshine’s soft warm kiss

Take me to the brink of heaven
Where the summer breezes play
Where the endless cares are driven
To horizons far away
Where the morning warm and hazy
Beckons in a lacy dress
Take me to a field of daisies
‘Neath the blue skies soft caress

On a hill-side swept with laughter
Of a thousand, thousand blooms
Where I gaze at heavens rafters
From the grandest living-rooms
Here in meadows, soft and lazy
On the summer-scented sod
In a field of perfect daisies
I have seen the hand of God

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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