Friday, June 18, 2010

Too Little We Tell You

Too little we tell you how much we love you,
Too little we think of the price that you pay,
With your hands while hard you are working,
With your heart while often you pray,
Too little we thank our Maker
For the wisdom He truly had,
To put at the head of our family
A loving and God-fearing dad

Too little we pray for the family
Whose dad is a foolish lout,
Too little we give to the children
Who have to do without,
Without the deep assurance
Of a father’s love unending
Or kind words and guidance
For those hearts that so need mending

Too little we simply say thank-you
To the father ever faithful,
The one who weathers life’s rough storm
And remains still humbly thankful,
Too little we pray for all fathers
Striving to please their Father,
Too little we appreciate their sacrifice
Or the wisdom that they gather

Lord, make us truly thankful
For one of life’s richest blessings,
For fathers are such wonderful people
And oft we are left confessing
That we think too little of fathers
For somehow they just seem to be there,
Lord, I pray a special blessing
On fathers everywhere

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