Friday, June 11, 2010

Home Is......

Home is where you come to rest
A shelter from the storm
Home is like a little nest
Safe, secure and warm
Home is where you say ‘at last’
You’re through with this and that
Your goal when workin’ day is past
And where you hang your hat……

Home is where your heart is light
And pleasant laughter rings
A haven of simple delight
Where beggars can be kings
Where children run like tumble weeds
Upon familiar grass
And memories, the fruit of seeds
Abounding as they pass

Home is where we love and trust
A place to be together
A humble palace in the dust
Unhindered by the weather
Home is where you eat your meals
And where you feed your cat
Where you find how belonging feels
And where you hang your hat

Oh yes we’re sure of that
It’s where you hang your hat!!!!

.......or fling it, or perch it or park it
or set it or toss it...........

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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