Wednesday, June 16, 2010

You Took......

So many times I praise you Lord
For all the gifts You’ve given
You’ve been worshiped and adored
As Your love flows down from Heaven
To try and pen Your gifts of love
Is an impossibility
From depths beneath to heights above
From sea to shining sea
The earth and its fullness thereof
Speaks of Your gifts to me
So many times I’m speechless Lord
Your blessing flows around me
Faint glimpses of a rich reward
You promised when You found me
Today I stand in awe, forgiven
Today my eyes awaken
Not to see what You have given
But what You have taken
I would have no home in Heaven
No beauty here to see
If one day You had not given
Your perfect life for me
If You had never left Your glory
Descended to this earth
To write the only true love story
So man could gain new birth
If You had never spread Your arms
Upon a cruel tree
This world with all its wicked charms
Could hold no hope for me
You took my sin, You took my guilt
You took my penalty
For me Your holy blood was spilt
As You took the stripes for me
You took away my deep sin-stains
And set the captive free
Now I can see what You have given
Because of what You took from me

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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