Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Three Answers

As I kneel before You Lord
And bow my head to pray
Which of your three answers
Will you choose for me today
Will it be a gracious ‘yes’
Or a most tender ‘no’
Or will it be a loving ‘wait’
While I must trust You so

As I kneel before You Lord
With every humble plea
Which of Your three answers
Do you deem the best for me?
Lord, You can see my heart of hearts
The road that You have planned
‘Yes’, ‘no’ ‘wait’, Lord, help me trust
When I don’t understand

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Inspired at supper last night……

Victoria: (9 yr. old) Does God answer every prayer?
Melissa: (15 yr. old, before Mom could answer…)
“Of course He does. He has three answers,
‘Yes’, ‘no’ and ‘wait’.
Victoria: Aha! I think I’ve gotten a lot of ‘wait’!

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