Tuesday, June 15, 2010

He Is......

There’s as much of God in a gentle shower
Or the ripple of a drop in the lake
As there is in commanding waves which tower
And crash as the elements quake
As mighty is He is the evening breeze
As in the eye of a hurricane
High on a cloud or low on our knees
He is forever the same

As present is God on the top of a mountain
As He is in the deepest dell
As near when His love flows forth like a fountain
Or surges with the fury of hell
He is as close in the hour of laughter
As He is in the valley of fear
In our moment of need, before it and after
In our smile just as in our tear

There’s as much of God in the quiet sunshine
As there is when the thunder rolls
Never more or less, His power divine
Ordains, designs, controls
There’s as much of God in my faltering stumble
As there is when I’m standing tall
When prayers are answered or when my dreams crumble
He is there, our all in all

Yesterday, today and tomorrow
He is forever the same
Unaltered His love,in our joy and our sorrow
Immutable is His mighty Name
God of the past and the God of all ages
In creatures both great and small
For ever and ever, Almighty and changeless
God of our all in all

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Jesus Christ the same,
yesterday, today and forever...Heb.13:8

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