Monday, June 28, 2010

My Porch

If my porch were judged by the passer-by
There wouldn’t be much to draw the eye
A simple pad of grey cement
But on its arm I’ve been content….

Content to watch a new day rise
As dawn is melting ‘cross the skies
Content to feel the soothing kiss
Of a taunting summer breeze

Content to hear the serenade
Of twilight’s music heaven-made
And if perhaps my heart should pine
I pause upon this porch of mine….

….and there I hear the echoing
Of my laughter way back when
In childhoods evening I would sit
At my granny’s knee a bit

Her gentle tone drifts back to me
A precious, stirring melody
And I know I am very blessed
My porch must surely be the best

For now so suddenly it’s me
With precious darlings at my knee
As I hear their laughter spill
And echo off a distant hill

God, please don’t think me brash or rude
But I am wondering if you could
In my mansion ‘cross the sea
Move my front porch there for me….

For I am sure that I’ve been given
A foretaste or a glimpse of heaven
There’s no place else I’d rather be
Than here, with friends and family

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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