Wednesday, June 2, 2010

I Turn To Jesus

When the world and people and most often myself
Have somehow let me down
And the things I foolishly counted upon
Are scattered across the ground
When trust and forgiveness and even love
Are hard things to be found
I turn to Jesus, for this I know
He will never let me down

His words are faithful, His promises true
His love will never fail
His compassion in each morning is new
He rides upon each gale
There is no impasse within His arms
His perfect love will prevail
So I turn to Jesus, my Father, my Friend
My Redeemer who will not fail

If life was never an up-hill climb
With no battles to be fought
If I was granted each wish of mine
And I’d find every answer I sought
Would I turn to Jesus if I had no need?
Would He enter into my thought?
Would I turn to Jesus and give Him the lead?
No, I am sure I would not

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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