Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Source of Power

Sometimes, although we hate the act
We do it anyhow
Too weak to stand on our own strength
I guess it goes to show
If we rely on human power
We are doomed to fall
God, walk me through my weakest hour
Be my All in all

Forgive me for my foolish stumbles
Victim of my pride
You give grace Lord, to the humble
And for all, You died
Lord be in me, Lord, shine through me
Take away my sin
Mend this broken sinner, Lord
Oh, make me whole again

Sometimes when I can’t feel You, Lord
Or you seem far away
Help me to find my way to You
Teach me how to pray
Through You I can be strong enough
Within my weakest hour
For Your arm is long enough
To be my Source of power

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Why boastest thou thyself in mischief,
O mighty man?
The goodness of the Lord endureth continually. Ps.52:1

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