Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Many a month may boast its fare
And flaunt their robes of splendor
But I have yet to wander where
There is a robe more tender
Than June with coat of evergreen
In vivid shade or lazy
From woodland haunts of emerald sheen
To fields of dew and daisy

The rolling hills in splendor reign
Above lush dell and hollow
I hear their whispers soft and green
They taunt with trails to follow
Into the thick dense underbrush
Of cool green shadows sighing
I long to feel the languid hush
Of willow-branches crying

Winter, take your dazzling white
Autumn take your glory
Those crimson hillsides flaming bright
Today, do nothing for me
Today I’ll rest in summer’s arms
Of June’s resplendent treasure
Glorious green in countless forms
Flowing without measure

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Sometimes I think the month of June
Should be called the month of ‘green’….
Esp. a year such as this
when we have seen a lot of rain…like today

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