Sunday, June 13, 2010

Did You?

Do you feel a sudden softening
Of the pain within your heart
Did the lure of this world’s offering
Like a morning mist, depart?
Do the miles that stretch before you
Suddenly not seem so long
In your heart, instead of sighing
Do you hear a tender song?
Do you sense new hope and healing
In your burden of regret?
In the peace that you are feeling
Does it help you to forget
The dark hour of tears and sadness
When you tread a lonely mile
Do you feel a new-born gladness
Are your lips brushed with a smile?
Do you see, instead of sorrow
All the blessings that you hold?
Are the worries of tomorrow
Melting in a glow of gold
Do you feel warm arms around you
Oh my dear, I trust you do
Do you feel a love surround you?
Did you feel my prayer for you?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

I wondered, as I prayed this morning
for people in my life, did you feel it?

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