Thursday, June 24, 2010

Highlight of a Boy's Day

He doesn’t care whether you’re rich or poor
Or somewhere in between
Whether your pick-up is old or new
Whether it’s dirty or clean
And he doesn’t stop to think about
How you earn your pay
There’s just one question on his mind
When will Daddy be home today?

Whether you sit in a corporate tower
Rolling in six-figure pay
Or whether you work for mere dollars an hour
To him are shadows of grey
But as they afternoon hours tick by
And daylight begins to wane
You can hear him asking with a spark in his eye
Will Daddy be home soon again?

He has some very important matters
That he would like to discuss
Such as ‘dad, I think we need a dog’
And maybe a new toy truck
Do you like the tower I built in the sand?
Do you have time to play?
In my mind I hear that echo again
When will Daddy be home today?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

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