Monday, June 21, 2010


We cannot purchase the light of the moon
Shimmering on the night deep
We cannot purchase the voice or the tune
That asks ‘mommy, are you asleep?”
No money or gold can purchase the joy
Settling into the heart
As we gaze at the face of a wee girl or boy
That is asking, ‘When does daytime start?”

Money can buy us a plethora of things
Beauty to appease our gaze
But eventually the fleeting charm that it brings
Is lost in a weary haze
But never will we tire of the lass or the lad
Who snuggles at dawn in our bed
And tries to stir slumbering mom or dad
To ask, “Is it morning yet?”

We simply may borrow the bud as it bursts
Into a glorious bloom
But we cannot own the things of this earth
Planted in God’s living room
Money will buy endless things man can see
But never the needs of the soul
The best things in life, like God’s love, are free
And the best things in life make us whole

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Somewhere, faintly through a haze
in my 4:00 p.m. snooze I heard it...
"Mom, are we leaving soon?"
In disappointment I realized my
brief nap was over,
then I pried my eyes open and was greeted by
eager, luminous blue eyes brimming with expectation....

and I couldn't help but think....
the best things in life are free!!!!

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