Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Does She See Jesus?

What do you see my little girl
As you fix those eyes on me?
As I fold the laundry, sweep the floor
Or sip a cup of tea
What would you tell me if I asked
What would your answer be?
Would you see a little bit of Jesus
Or do you just see me

What do you see, my little girl
When you drop that glass of juice
Or the laundry gets rained on after its dry
And mothers emotions run loose
What do you see when my supper burns
And I’m expecting company
Do you see the love of Jesus
Or do you just see me?

When you sit beside me on a church pew
Do you see the same mother then?
As the one that burns the supper
Or stubs her toe again?
If someone asked, to whom would you compare
Your mother’s personality
Would the name Jesus even enter your mind
Or would you just see me?

All Rights Reserved
Janet Martin

Blessed are the meek;
for they will inherit the earth. Matt.5:5

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